Tom Foolerie's Tattoo, El Paso Texas
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Tom Foolerie's Tattoo, El Paso Texas
02.01.12 Launched TF tattoo v3 website

07.17.15 to 07.19.15 TF Tattoo is closed due to Texas Tattoo Showdown and Music Festival. We'll be at Coliseum, only taking appointments in.

Tom Foolerie's Tattoo, El Paso Texas
Tom Foolerie's Tattoo, El Paso Texas
In case of rescheduling or cancellation you must call Tom Fooleries Tattoo 24 hours in advance.

However, rescheduling may only be done once without loss of initial deposit.

We are aware that some circumstances may occur, in which case deposit will be returned with a 20.00 fee.

Cancellation of appointment will result in a 20.00 cancellation fee.
Tom Foolerie's Tattoo (TF Tattoo) was established in El Paso Texas in 2008. Shop owner JHK started off with only one artist and numerous apprentices that didn't make the cut. JHK eventually hired Alejandro and his wicked style that he believed would bring a new twist to the studio and possibly lead TF Tattoo in a new and exciting direction. Later as the opportunity appeared to move to a larger and more convenient location, they also took on a new artist. Alex Inostroza, who added yet even more style and skill to the TF Tattoo team. JHK feeling he had a solid team of artists began to explore other avenues of promotion by promoting bands like Scordatura Vita. click here to read more...
Business Hours
Mon: 12pm to 7:30pm
Tue - Sat: 11am to 7:30pm
Sun: CLOSED for appointments ONLY

Tel: (915) 540-7444

[email protected]
Tom Foolerie's Tattoo, El Paso Texas
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